Makeup can make you feel so damn good.


Okay ladies! So I have discovered a new found love for makeup! I completely ran out of almost everything the other day and decided that I would make a “quick” trip (HA! Yeah quick trip) to Ulta to grab my usual Bare Minerals and call it a day buuuuut, for once in my life I saw a makeup specialist with the same skin tone as me O.M.G! I was so excited because this NEVER happens.  I chased her down and basically asked her to give me a makeup tutorial/makeover since I never wore too much makeup to begin with. She informed me she worked for Too Faced and she could color match me! At first I freaked out because she went right to the liquid makeup which I always dreaded because it made me look like a sweaty pig with my oily skin. I decided to chill and let her do her thang, she color matched me and I was SHOCKED! The Born this way liquid foundation felt super light on my face and my skin looked so even and you couldn’t even see a blemish! Next she grabbed an Urban Decay concealer that was recommended to me by girly shabby chic (Thanks girl!) and followed with bronzer and setting power. I took one look in the mirror and fell in LOVE!! My skin looked so even and polished I couldn’t believe it! I bought literally everything she used along with some brushes, mascara and eyeliner yikes!  At the end of the day I took another look in the mirror and my skin didn’t look greasy AT ALL! I am now a firm believer in Too Faced products. It’s been a few days since the first use and everything is amazing and my skin is glowing, It’s so worth the investment! All the items I got can be found at to save on shipping or you can order at Too Faced to save 20% by entering your email!

19762046_443444899366897_3611134590384603136_n(1)Here is everything I purchased:

  1. Too Faced Primer
  2. Too Faced born this way foundation (My color was caramel)
  3. Bare minerals warmth (Bronzer)
  4. Too Faced setting powder
  5. Urban decay concealor
  6. Maybelline lash sensational
  7. Maybelline eyeliner
  8. Real techniques finishing brush
  9. Real techniques foundation brush



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